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Author Robert M. Katzman at the Post Office in Racine Wisconsin.

A note from the author:

I believe writing a book is an act of civilization — recording a certain time, place, perspective and the people present at that time, and also an act of faith that anybody cares about my memory of a moment either now, or even less rationally, in the future.


Writing a book has an aspect of religion to it.


Saying thank you for purchasing my book or books is not really enough, because whomever you are, you decided to pay for some nobody’s life captured in intense detail in 1,050 pages. What more could one person do for another to make them feel they have value? I will say this: When you begin to read where my life took me and why, you won’t want to stop reading. And that is the best “Thank you!” I could say to anyone.


— Bob

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